About our Sandwiches

We serve a selection of classic and specialty dips, with curated specials for festivals
and events.  [menu]

What makes a french dip "classic"? 

Instead of serving our sandwiches with aus jus on the side, our French Dips are served with generous ladles of house-made aus jus on the inside of a fresh french roll, topped with your choice of meat. Wet on the inside, still crispy on the outside. Add cheese, or choose one of our specialty sandwiches for something a little extra.

Sound simple?

Oh, no.

We obsess over every detail

starting with quality meat from local Washington farms committed to sustainable, humane methods, which we cure for 2-3 days before slowly roasting for 8-18 hours, depending on the meat. 

Our house-made aus jus

is a 2-day process, starting with bones simmered for almost a full day before infusing the broth with herbs, aromatics and spices, then finally finished with drippings from our slow-cooked meat.